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Coming in June! Workshop in Mexico!

Coming in July! The Spirit of Africa Festival

Mbongi for Children: programs designed to teach and bring awareness to school-aged youth on African art and culture.

Mbongi for Colleges and Universities: programs designed for University students and faculty to educate participants on the culture, arts, and spirituality of Africa.

Mbongi for the at-large Community: programs designed for community members.

Mbongi for groups and corporations: programs designed for groups and corporations.

Journey to the Congo: Experience the cultural treasures of the Congo firsthand!

The Spirit of Africa Festival: a week long festival of art, music, and dance which celebrates and recognizes the global cultural contribution that the African continent has brought to our world.

Program Descriptions


Mbongi for Children programs include school assemblies, lecture/demonstrations, festivals and camps designed to instill the values and principles of the "village life." This means that young people learn how to respect each other, their elders, their teachers, and their place in the community.

For over 15 years, Mbongi Dance Theater Project has exposed thousands of school-age youth to the songs, dances, musical instruments, customs and rituals of African cultures. These mediums of communication captivate children into heighten attention and awareness, so that powerful, positive messages can be understood and absorbed.

Youth Classes -- Assemblies -- Workshops -- Concerts

 Mbongi for Colleges and Universities bring African culture and arts to the university setting. Programs in this environment include master classes and workshops in dance and drumming, concerts, and lecture/demonstrations.

Audiences are introduced to the social and cultural contexts of dance and music in Africa and how they are incorporated into everyday life. Students and faculty also learn about the links between African and African-American cultures.

College Classes -- Residency Programs -- Workshops -- Concerts

 Mbongi for the at-large Community includes activities such as on going community classes in dance and drumming, camps, concerts and performances.

These activities create an environment where people joyously learn about community life through song, dance, and music - bonding and sharing takes place in the context of the village model.

Classes -- Concerts

 Mbongi for groups and corporations are designed for executives, professionals, community leaders and members of groups to instill values of community-building and self-care.

Workshops help participants center themselves, reconnect head to heart, refresh their minds and restore relationships.

Journey to the Congo is a month long adventure to the heart of the Congo, exploring traditional African villages and the communities that bind them together. It is a unique opportunity to experience the dance, drumming, singing and rituals of living Congolese masters in the context of authentic, on-going village life. This adventure will provide an intimate exposure to the survival of a traditional African community and an understanding of the deep roots which are the key to that survival.

- The trip is lead by Titos Sompa, Congolese drumming master and one-time resident of Loukoua village.

- Trip lengths are flexible, from 2-4 weeks!

- Trips leave twice a year, once in summer and once in winter

Proposed Itinerary: (trip dates will be set soon)

Day 1: Leave NY for Brazzaville, Congo
Day 2: Arrive Brazzaville; travel to Loumou
Day 3: Orientation: Getting to know each other
Day 4: Spend time with host family
Day 5: Drum and dance workshops begin
Day 6: Drum and dance workshops
Day 7: Free day, family day (no workshops, a day with your host)
Day 8: Drum and dance workshops
Day 9: Drum and dance workshops
Day 10: Troupe performance by teachers from the previous days
Day 11: Field Trip
Day 12: Drum and dance workshops
Day 13: Drum and dance workshops
Day 14: Free day, family day
Day 15: Drum and dance performance
Day 16: Drum and dance performance
Day 17: Field Trip to Fulakari or Brazzaville
Day 18: Field trip down Congo River
Day 19: Drum and dance workshops
Day 20: Drum and dance workshops
Day 21: MATANGA, party/celebration including student performance
Day 22: Free Day
Day 13: Leave Brazzaville for NY

Cost: $3,500 (discount if received early)

This fee includes all of the following:

A. Direct round-trip ticket
B. Daily meals, vegetarian or non-vegetarian
C. Group transportation to and from Loumou and the airport
D. Cultural events and performances by a traditional Congolese troupe
E. Intensive Workshops in Congolese dance, drumming and singing
F. Living accommodations with a host family in Loumou, Linzolo and Point-Noire
G: Group excursions to historical and cultural sites
H: Leisure time to provide opportunity for exploring the country

Individual transportation can be arranged for private travel if we receive advance notice.

Coming in June! Danzas y Percusiones del Congo

Travel to Mexico for a two week workshop on traditional Congolese dance, drumming and culture! This incredible international event will take place every year in the spring.

Coming in July! The Spirit of Africa Festival celebrates and recognizes the global cultural contribution that the African continent has brought to our world. The Festival celebrates the unity and cultural gifts of the Earth's people that is possible in the world today.

During the festival week, members of the community have an opportunity to explore the visual and cinema arts, master classes in dance and drumming, and lecture/demonstrations dedicated to African culture. The week is culminated by a concert featuring ethnic artists of music and dance celebrating African-influenced forms such as reggae, gospel, blues, and jazz. In addition, and to link these forms to their roots, audiences will be taken through a journey of the traditional music and dance from the regions of Africa.

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