Mission Statement


Mbongi is a Congolese word which means "learning place." It refers to the circle of learning in the African village where people gather to learn how to be contributing members of the community.

In the African village, the problems of the community, neighbors, and families are examined and solved by the people gathering together and expressing ideas, releasing feelings, and co-creating solutions. The people do this by talking, sharing, dancing, singing, chanting, and participating in rituals to mark important transitions.

Our vision is to create "villages" within our communities, so that people can come together and celebrate their gifts, experiencing the joy of being connected to body, spirit, and each other. We accomplish this by:

° Providing instruction in the dance, music, art and culture of peoples of Africa.

° Educating the general public, and thereby increasing the understanding and appreciation of the dance, music, arts and cultures of the African continent.

° Sponsoring, promoting, and producing performances, demonstrations, lectures, and media presentations which will aid in accomplishing the above stated objectives.

Mbongi Dance Theater Project was founded by Titos Sompa in 1988. The company is recognized as a 501(c)(3), tax exempt organization.

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