The Mbongi Family

Get to know the artists, teachers, musicians and friends
of the Mbongi Dance Theater Project


 Lorice Mounkala Nkodia Gilbert
Painter, musician and composer from the Congo
Member of of the band Les Echos-Noirs

A gifted painter and musician, Gilbert specializes in unique Congolese traditional paintings. Few people in the world, if any, continue to produce art in this traditional style. Please see below for examples of Gilbert's work. Contact Mbongi for information on ordering artwork or inviting Mr. Gilbert for performances, gallery showings, etc.

See examples of Lorice's work:
painting 1 -- painting 2 -- painting 3

Isadore Minqui
Dancer and Percussionist

Minqui resides in Paris, France, where he performs the traditional dances of the Congo for wide audiences. He is avalable for workshops and performances.

Contact Mbongi for more information.

Ntadi Zeze
Choreographer and Professor of Dance

A recording artist as well as a dancer and choreographer, Zeze runs an outreach program for European students called "Journey into the heart of the Congo." His programs and workshops are sought the world over for their unique vitality and heart.

To contact Zeze,
call 01-48-98-06-85
or write to:

1 rue Antoine Bourdelle
94000 Creteil

 The Magic Shop
Recording Studio

The Magic Shop hhas produced several of Mbongi's albums. See their website for more information.

Questions? Contact Mbongi