Fabrics and Clothing

Fabrics and Beddings

Get high quality fabrics and sheets imported directly from the Congo! All are colorfully decorated and produced with organic cotton.



Chidren's Clothing

These sturdy children's clothes for 6 month to 5 year olds are made of the same quality fabrics as our sheets, and are cut in traditional congolese styles.

Boys' clothes

Girls' clothes


Six superwax or wax fabric designs are available, see below for examples.

**4 yard sections of "Green Chicken" design are available
** 2 yard sections of Blue Paisley are available

(From left: Blue Paisley, Green Chicken, Gold Wand)

(From left: Gold and Blue Diamonds, Red Flowers, Yellow Diamonds)



High quality, organic cotton beddings with colorful, traditional Congolese designs!


 Blankets: (Two styles)

See style 1
See style 2

Pillow Shams:
(Two styles- see below)

1 throw
2 twin
5 full/queen

Large squares (blanket design)

Small squares (blanket design)

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